Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What Al Gore Knows

After reading a post at Easy Bake Coven who found the article on Huffington Post concerning Al Gore's resolve (so far) to remain non-political (not run for Pres) in his campaign re global warming, I wrote a response as to why I believe Al Gore is not running:

The man honestly believes that the greatest threat to the planet, not just the country, is global warming and that he can be most effective for change by remaining independent of politics...and, he is right.
This country is a hollow shell, now. It has essentially been allowed to die by its millions of lazy, myopic, self-absorbed, tv-watching citizens.
The corporations are the whole show and they exist outside the confines of country. They do not care what happens to this country or any country as long as the bottom line swells.

Gore may yet run. He has capitalized brilliantly on his independent position to forward the issue of global warming and the need for the entire world to start immediately to work for change so as to lessen the inevitable and painful drama that is coming, which he could not have done from a partisan position. When he feels that he has done all he can from that position, that he may be able to do more as President, he may chose to run. I hope so. And, I hope he choses Kucinich for his VP.

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