Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Way to Go, Olympia!

She is one of MY Senators. I did not vote for her (I voted for a Dem who is closer to my politics), but I have always approved of her environmental tendencies. As to her support of the troop withdrawal within 120 days, hurray!

Snowe Embraces Troop Withdrawal Bill

Snowe, R-Maine, joined Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., in co-sponsoring a bill that would require troops to start leaving in 120 days. The bill also would end combat by April 30, 2008.

Took you too long to get here, Olympia, but, at least you finally did and I am proud of you for standing out front of the rest of the Republican crowd. GO MAINE! GO OLYMPIA!


Shazam McShotgunstein said...

Now follow up with her on it - bug her office and ask if she is lobbying her fellow Republicans. A few self-styled "mavericks" among the GOP keep making grumbling noises about Iraq to mollify the sane among their constituents, but not putting out the votes to match.

Anyway, great blog, I'm glad I discovered it, and Maine is one of my ancestral homelands and favorite places - I'm glad it's in good hands.

Shazam McShotgunstein said...

Oh, and of course I immediately recognized the cover art from Sara Douglass! Nice.