Sunday, July 8, 2007

Another Looming ShootOut at the L/E Corral

Looks like this pompous, arrogant on-again,0ff-again executive branch is out for a head-on with the legislative branch over those documents concerning the questionable firings of the US attorneys. It is anyone's guess, imho, as to who will win if there is, indeed, a show-down. Both sides seem to have weak and strong points. Of course, "the good guys" are those seeking to rein-in the runaway executive branch, looking for some accountability and balance.

Notice how many horsey, cowboy oriented references are contained in these words? Somehow seems appropriate. Here's hoping the "good guys" win this one. I worry that if they do not, the republic will truly die and be replaced by the pretend Theocracy, true Corporatocracy of our nightmares. Is it time to move yet?

From Truthout:
White House Will Deny New Request In Attorneys Probe

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