Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tonight's the Night (for the filibuster) !

Goddess bless Harry Reid for finally getting the message...the pundits were wrong and the bloggers, right, of course. The people of this country are sick of this war, this administration, and sick of being ignored. We want the war to end, the wanton throwing away of our money to stop, and the ugly Republican shenanigans to stop. I mean President Clinton was made to step down because of "the private, personal blowjob;" but, the Republicans seem to be quite willing to let their own do anything, and I do mean anything, even in diapers, as long as it is low, illegal, immoral, and makes money or at least does not blow any, pun intended. I am really sick to death of the lot of them, from the top man on down.

So let the Republican Senators talk. Let them tell us exactly why they believe that our soldiers should continue to die for an illegal, immoral, and expensive-in-every-way war. Then watch them get defeated at the polls next time 'round.

So, hurrah! for Harry and please keep it up. The country is with you all the way, (giggle).

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