Sunday, July 22, 2007

Love Among the Wonders

Lush of green envelopes me; no sense does lack reward.
Fragrance touches the nostrils as if to caress;
Sweet coolness on the skin remembers me;
Even the sting of the wing defies forgetfulness.


Rocks and sand; all soft and hardness, sprigs of hope in the cracks.
Yellow Light; of warmth, of shimmering delight, of endless strength.
I seek you, Mother; be you green?
Or is your face a cloak of many colours?

Let me touch you, please? But how?
The earth beneath my fingers fills the soul but is not green.
Clouds of dreams speak wonders but are not green.
Hearts on fire renew the vow of life; be they green?

Singing water falls from rocks, breaks on beaches, drops from eaves, spills from eyes.
Perfect Lilacs drench the heart & mind with love, with fragrant flowers sweetly lavender in hue.
The tide does tell of now and then and yet to come with every wave and change.
Swirling the room in waltz, bodies and spirits to the very air...are you there?

Bones vibrate with the music of the moonlight rhapsody.
Birdsong, cello, a gentle breeze upon the cheek do capture me.
Such invitations to excess entangle me, like seaweed with the ocean's wave.
You speak to me in varied cadence endlessly.

Copyright ©2006 Amena Lynn Andersson

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