Thursday, November 22, 2007


What the hell does BushCo think he is doing? Threatening Iran when we cannot even manage Iraq and our military forces are stretched to the breaking point, as is our economy, is bad enough. But, now, threatening Russia (with an anti-missile shield on its borders) to the point that Putin Warns NATO Against Border Buildup while NATO criticized the US decision as "regrettable."

This cannot go on. Putin is as much of a bully as BushCo and is pushing hard to make Russia a super-power again. With BushCo starting wars whenever it feels like it, for purely greedy reasons (power, oil, wealth, dominion), wherever it feels like it, this could all escalate way too fast and hard. Can you say "cold war" or maybe "radiatingly hot war?" That is all this planet needs to finish it off, once and for all. These little power kings are as crazy as loons. They must be removed from power right now, before it is too late. Ever seen "On the Beach?"

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Sigh.

Addendum: Just noticed that Digby has some words on this subject area. Always a good read and thought-provoker, Digby.

Stolen "Thank Yous"

I am pretty busy this week,especially today so I am going to cheat and pass along an email of "thank yous" sent by the Center for American Progrss Action's "The Progress Report," as I've not a bit of originality at hand at the moment and I found this list to be a good one. And, my regrets to all Native Americans for being of the race that wrecked their nations and this land since setting foot on this continent. Wish it had never happened. Here's hoping all people learn to truly live together in Peace in future.

21 Reasons To Give Thanks

We're thankful for our country's troops.
We're thankful the minimum wage has been increased for the first time in a decade.
We're thankful MC Rove has more free time to work on his dance moves.
We're thankful Congress has "wasted time" trying to end the war in Iraq.
We're thankful radio stations don't play "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran."
We're thankful for journalists like Molly Ivins, who was never afraid to "raise hell."
We're (not) thankful for wide stances.
We're thankful to Michael Moore, whose documentary SiCKO started a national discussion on health care reform.
We're thankful people don't call us Buzzy, Cookie, Brownie, or Scooter.
We're thankful we can now call Al Gore the "Oscar-winning, Emmy-winning, Nobel Prize laureate" former vice president of the United States.
We're thankful Andy Card and Alberto Gonzales won't visit our bedside if we're sick in the hospital.
We're thankful not all Dick Cheney's cousins think like he does.
We're thankful to be considered one of the "ten most dangerous organizations in America."
We're thankful that visiting the Mall of America isn't really like visiting Iraq.
We're thankful President Bush isn't giving out any more back rubs.
We're thankful for 12-year olds who can take down Rush Limbaugh in a fight.
We're thankful our Halloween costumes aren't very "original."
We're thankful no one (except the birds) gets hurt when Dick Cheney goes hunting now.
We're thankful for "phony soldiers" who have the courage to speak out about the war in Iraq.
We're thankful the "Commander Guy" has only 425 days left in office.
And last but not least: We're thankful to The Progress Report readers for their tips, energy, and support.

Every one of those thank yous contains a link on the original page, so, to really enjoy this list, please follow the link above.

Oh yes, please have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving while never forgetting the millions in the world who are suffering and would like to be sitting with us.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Waterboarding...a detailed description to give you the Willies

Want to know what waterboarding is all about? I just read a detailed description on Daily Kos that gave me all I'd ever want to know and more. Don't read this while eating.

Things That Are Not Torture by Hunter.

I suggest this be done to all of this current administration as well as our Congresspersons, and, especially, all members of the injustice department so that they can have a better understanding of just what exactly we are doing to our prisoners.
You know, in the name of education.

BTW, I just blogged this on Daily Kos at the above mentioned site:
Put It On Your Blogs, E-Mail It Everywhere...
We can put it out there. We can snail-mail, e-mail, and hand deliver it to all and sundry. This is what we do if we are serious about making change. If it is "in their faces" in a really big way, I believe that it will have effect. I am an ancient grassroots, house-to-house canvasser and I know that we can make a difference. Believe it. Calling a Senator at home, actually talking to this person one on one, can be an amazing experience, for both. Try it on for size. Just sayin'....

I mean every word of that, so, get to work, my friends.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Urgent Action Needed on FCC Docket 06-121

Thanks to a diary heads-up by Sharon in MD on Daily Kos, I read and responded with e-mails galore after following all sorts of provided links and reading Bill Moyers Journal (and others) on the subject.
(snippet from Moyers Journal):
Despite overwhelming public opposition from across the country and the political spectrum, the Chairman of the FCC, Kevin Martin, isn't letting up in his relentless push to allow a handful of media giants swallow up more of your local media.

He made it official on Tuesday: He intends to lift the longstanding ban that keeps one company from owning both the daily newspaper and a radio or television station in the same market.

Martin is pushing this hard, allowing little time for the public to know about much less respond to this effort to remove a bit more democracy. Here is what I wrote to the Chairman and the Commissioners, though I added some thank yous to the ltrs to Copps and Adelstein, the outspoken Dem minority commissioners who have opposed Martin's proposal:

I am adamantly opposed to "Media Ownership Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Docket 06-121," the proposed lifting of the longstanding ban that keeps one company from owning both the daily newspaper and a radio or television station in the same market. There is a good reason for this ban as it protects the important democratic tool of multiple opinions and free speech offered by multiple owners of mass media and local ownership of local newspapers, radio and tv stations, currently being discriminated against under this administration.
We in Maine and all across the country value and need our local stations and believe that big media is already too big. It should have a greater number of restrictions, not the reduction in restrictions currently being proposed.
Media consolidation is a patently bad idea. Please do not lift the ban. This is a plea for continuing the democratic principles under which the FCC is supposed to function.
Thank you for reading this and giving it your consideration.

Not eloquent, but, hopefully, it will help. Feel free to paraphrase but please do contact the FCC before the deadline, this December 11.

How To Contact the FCC
Bill Moyers Journal on this subject
More helpful links from Bill Moyers Journal
Media Consolidation: A primer on making your opinion heard (very helpful)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thank You, Grist, for a Great Debate!

They all did well, imho. For me, Kucinich wins all the honors; but,then, I am just a tad partial to the man. He is so passionate while maintaining balance and showing tremendous intelligence and understanding. And, he still owes no big corporations any favors, a huge plus in my book. The man may be short, but he is huge in intelligence and kindness, he is plucky, a real scrapper, and he is experienced. He could really deal with "the powers that be" unlike some of the other, less experienced candidates. Still has my vote.

Hillary was booed (inappropriate and just bad manners) but, mostly, just boring. She speaks well, with pauses in all the right places, but with a total lack of passion. And, she seems to have nicked Mr Edwards ideas to boot! Why is it I cannot seem to trust her. I love the idea of a woman finally making it to the Presidency, but, Hillary? She is so married to the reigning system.

I like Edwards and I feel he did particularly well at this debate. He is a very likable human being, despite his southern accent (worse than Kucinich's physical height, imo, lol). My biggest concern is his lack of experience.

Honestly, any of these three would be a huge improvement over what we have currently!
But, I still think Kucinich should be Pres. Truth is, were it not for Kucinich pushing all the big issues since day one and Gore pushing the global warming number, this debate would never have taken place and certainly, Hillary would not have said any of what she did say tonight. Thank you, Messrs Gore and Kucinich.

The Forum, itself, was so much better than any of the MSM versions that I felt great all the way through with no rise in BP or need to take Tylenol. This is the way all Presidential Forums should be, with intelligent questions and plenty of time for answers.

But, most of all, thank you, dear Grist, for providing us the live feed which could not be found anywhere in the MSM, not on CNN, MSNBC, or even NPR. We luvs ya, Gristy, baby.

Article Filled with Drought Data...and, Good Questions

After posting in September about my trip crossing the USA, reading this article felt like confirmation of my own interpretation of experiential data. The USA and the world is in big trouble. Yes, whether you believe in global warming (I do)or not, the big bad is happening. And, we are contributing. To our own peril.
Be that as it may, what will happen, in future, if all these endless droughts do not end? Tom Engelhardt asks some great questions and poses some interesting predictive scenarios.

As the World Burns: How Dry We Are

The only data I found missing was that concerning the other great changes/severe weather I experienced in the USA this year, that being the overwatering of certain areas. The flooding in the lower mid-west, the endless rain in northern New England, especially, Maine which my son has taken to calling "American England."

Kucinich Shines Through

I refuse to vote once again for the least harmful of the "win-ables." Dennis has been my candidate from the start. No one else comes close in intelligence, integrity, and spunk than Dennis Kucinich (perhaps Gore, but he refuses to enter the race).
Hope this mass-media, tv-controlled, rather stupid citizenry wakes up and votes for him before hell takes complete control.

Link to Alternet article & video:
Kucinich on Bush, Cheney: "Don't Wait, Impeach Them Now!"