Saturday, November 17, 2007

Article Filled with Drought Data...and, Good Questions

After posting in September about my trip crossing the USA, reading this article felt like confirmation of my own interpretation of experiential data. The USA and the world is in big trouble. Yes, whether you believe in global warming (I do)or not, the big bad is happening. And, we are contributing. To our own peril.
Be that as it may, what will happen, in future, if all these endless droughts do not end? Tom Engelhardt asks some great questions and poses some interesting predictive scenarios.

As the World Burns: How Dry We Are

The only data I found missing was that concerning the other great changes/severe weather I experienced in the USA this year, that being the overwatering of certain areas. The flooding in the lower mid-west, the endless rain in northern New England, especially, Maine which my son has taken to calling "American England."

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