Monday, November 19, 2007

Waterboarding...a detailed description to give you the Willies

Want to know what waterboarding is all about? I just read a detailed description on Daily Kos that gave me all I'd ever want to know and more. Don't read this while eating.

Things That Are Not Torture by Hunter.

I suggest this be done to all of this current administration as well as our Congresspersons, and, especially, all members of the injustice department so that they can have a better understanding of just what exactly we are doing to our prisoners.
You know, in the name of education.

BTW, I just blogged this on Daily Kos at the above mentioned site:
Put It On Your Blogs, E-Mail It Everywhere...
We can put it out there. We can snail-mail, e-mail, and hand deliver it to all and sundry. This is what we do if we are serious about making change. If it is "in their faces" in a really big way, I believe that it will have effect. I am an ancient grassroots, house-to-house canvasser and I know that we can make a difference. Believe it. Calling a Senator at home, actually talking to this person one on one, can be an amazing experience, for both. Try it on for size. Just sayin'....

I mean every word of that, so, get to work, my friends.

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