Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thank You, Grist, for a Great Debate!

They all did well, imho. For me, Kucinich wins all the honors; but,then, I am just a tad partial to the man. He is so passionate while maintaining balance and showing tremendous intelligence and understanding. And, he still owes no big corporations any favors, a huge plus in my book. The man may be short, but he is huge in intelligence and kindness, he is plucky, a real scrapper, and he is experienced. He could really deal with "the powers that be" unlike some of the other, less experienced candidates. Still has my vote.

Hillary was booed (inappropriate and just bad manners) but, mostly, just boring. She speaks well, with pauses in all the right places, but with a total lack of passion. And, she seems to have nicked Mr Edwards ideas to boot! Why is it I cannot seem to trust her. I love the idea of a woman finally making it to the Presidency, but, Hillary? She is so married to the reigning system.

I like Edwards and I feel he did particularly well at this debate. He is a very likable human being, despite his southern accent (worse than Kucinich's physical height, imo, lol). My biggest concern is his lack of experience.

Honestly, any of these three would be a huge improvement over what we have currently!
But, I still think Kucinich should be Pres. Truth is, were it not for Kucinich pushing all the big issues since day one and Gore pushing the global warming number, this debate would never have taken place and certainly, Hillary would not have said any of what she did say tonight. Thank you, Messrs Gore and Kucinich.

The Forum, itself, was so much better than any of the MSM versions that I felt great all the way through with no rise in BP or need to take Tylenol. This is the way all Presidential Forums should be, with intelligent questions and plenty of time for answers.

But, most of all, thank you, dear Grist, for providing us the live feed which could not be found anywhere in the MSM, not on CNN, MSNBC, or even NPR. We luvs ya, Gristy, baby.


Heidi said...

It was a great debate. I favor Kucinich too, but I'm pulling for Edwards. I would like Hillary a lot more if she were less centrist. She's also a walking example of why we need campaign financing reform. If the candidates didn't have to spend most of their time fundraising, everything would improve (including the pool of candidates!).

gbreez said...

I really hate to have to vote for someone less than one I believe is the best. In the end, I always do with the result that things rarely change. I am not certain what I will do this time, but, right now, I feel I may write-in Kucinich on the ballot if he is not there. Edwards is a good, kindhearted fellow, very bright, and I like some of his plans, though, he still is not for a single-payer non-profit health care system. My problem with him is that he is too nice, and, not terribly experienced. Kucinich is an experienced scrapper. I believe he could really make change happen. JMHO.