Saturday, December 29, 2007

When Outrage is not Enough

Been "away" and struggling for balance, an endless struggle for a "Libra."
Just discovered a new hero, action, and, site in John Nirenberg of Vermont (Blessed State), marching to Washington to seek out Pelosi (blood traitor), and,:
March In My Name.

Unable to go myself, this time, I will be supporting John and friends with all my might. I have been asking myself, "self, where are my heroes?" John arrived via Alternet (who got it from Julie Bolcer, The Village Voice) just in time. Can we clone him?

Best wishes to you, John. Hope you can move that barely-a-Democrat rock called Pelosi and the turn-coat, John Conyers, to put the much-needed-now! impeachment back on the table where it should have been all along!

BTW, Happy Solstice, everyone. The days for those in the northern hemisphere are now inching longer, hurray!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Love is the Law

Darkness seems to spread from heart to mind;
Soulless evil clings to every crime.
Eager Knights of God bedeck the scene.
Vigilantes all whose thought's are mean.

Sing the Song of Pain my heart decries.
Hollow chests of blackness to defy.
Enter bitter spirits of unrest;
Hear us now we are the sweet unblessed.

Love is the Law; it matters not the Source.
Heart is the place from which all Blessings come.
Bind not your Soul to that which is unreal;
Love is the Law, Love is the Light.

Within my hands I hold a beating heart;
A child is dying, with his Mother not.
I try to comfort him, what can I say?
You are a Blessed Soul unleashed today.

There are some evil men who like to play
With other humans, why? I cannot say.
Some twisted sickness lies within them deep.
Perhaps an ugly rage that cannot sleep.

Love is the Law; no matter which religion.
Heart is the source of all that's right.
Close not your Thought to that which could reveal
Love is the Law, Love is the Light.

Within my Home a sense of Darkness spreads;
Its stretching fingers weave an awesome thread
That reaches out to all with motive dark.
I fear the Light is now a threatened Ark.

Dominion speaks of finite latitudes,
With voices deep, all filled with platitudes.
Within that space is filled an awesome void.
How can you speak to that which is a ploy?

Love is the Law; the source of all the Light.
Heart is the place of gentle breeze Delight.
Within your grasp a single breath away
Is Heaven's Joy, Love is the Way.

Poem/Pic link: Love is the Law
Copyright ©2004 Amena Lynn Andersson