Saturday, December 29, 2007

When Outrage is not Enough

Been "away" and struggling for balance, an endless struggle for a "Libra."
Just discovered a new hero, action, and, site in John Nirenberg of Vermont (Blessed State), marching to Washington to seek out Pelosi (blood traitor), and,:
March In My Name.

Unable to go myself, this time, I will be supporting John and friends with all my might. I have been asking myself, "self, where are my heroes?" John arrived via Alternet (who got it from Julie Bolcer, The Village Voice) just in time. Can we clone him?

Best wishes to you, John. Hope you can move that barely-a-Democrat rock called Pelosi and the turn-coat, John Conyers, to put the much-needed-now! impeachment back on the table where it should have been all along!

BTW, Happy Solstice, everyone. The days for those in the northern hemisphere are now inching longer, hurray!!!

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