Wednesday, September 19, 2007

DC Citizens Denied Representation and Right to Vote.

What a disgrace.
How can this be possible?
After 206 years, these folks are still outcasts in this country, without representation or the right to vote.
Disgusting...and, we call ourselves democratic?

206 years and still no House seat for D.C.

Signs of Global Warming Across the USA?

My trip west and back again has ended and I am now trying to put it all in perspective while resuming the usual fall prep for winter here in Maine (and adjusting to the cold...brrrr...the rest of the country is still in late summer, but not here).

The mid-West was flooded in many areas with higher than "normal" rainfall prevalent. The far-West was dry, dry, dry with hotter, drier weather than "normal." In the northeast, it apparently seldom stopped raining, at least in downeast Maine. My garden is full of slugs and waterlogged. Vegetable returns are poor thanks to the slugs but the flowers are abundant and very welcome.

Burning Man was as amazing as always. More on that later. It was very hot, dry and playa dusty, per usual.

I am happy to be home but missing the warmth of the west. These old bones do not love the damp cold. Will be digging in to fight the good fight for Mother Earth and all her children, as soon as I get done with all the laundry. .

Bright Blessings to all!