Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love is the Law (revisited)

Darkness seems to spread from heart to mind;
Soulless evil clings to every crime.
Eager Knights of God bedeck the scene.
Vigilantes all whose thought's are mean.

Sing the Song of Pain my heart decries.
Hollow chests of blackness to defy.
Enter bitter spirits of unrest;
Hear us now we are the sweet unblessed.

Love is the Law; it matters not the Source.
Heart is the place from which all Blessings come.
Bind not your Soul to that which is unreal;
Love is the Law, Love is the Light.

Within my hands I hold a beating heart;
A child is dying, with his Mother not.
I try to comfort him, what can I say?
You are a Blessed Soul unleashed today.

There are some evil men who like to play
With other humans, why? I cannot say.
Some twisted sickness lies within them deep.
Perhaps an ugly rage that cannot sleep.

Love is the Law; no matter which religion.
Heart is the source of all that's right.
Close not your Thought to that which could reveal
Love is the Law, Love is the Light.

Within my Home a sense of Darkness spreads;
Its stretching fingers weave an awesome thread
That reaches out to all with motive dark.
I fear the Light is now a threatened Ark.

Dominion speaks of finite latitudes,
With voices deep, all filled with platitudes.
Within that space is filled an awesome void.
How can you speak to that which is a ploy?

Love is the Law; the source of all the Light.
Heart is the place of gentle breeze Delight.
Within your grasp a single breath away
Is Heaven's Joy, Love is the Way.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh, Gaza, I weap for you; War Crimes.

Because I do not watch American tv or listen to radio news unless it is pbs or democracy now or one of the two existing left-wing online radio stations, I do not get the lies that are being told the public first-hand; I get the MSM propaganda from thiose who do. It was just mentioned by one of my friends that
American media are reporting violence that took place along the Gaza-Israel border on January 27th as, in the words of CNN, "the first incidents of violence since last week's Mideast cease-fire," telling the public that Palestinians broke the ceasefire.

This is a lie, and not the only one.
"The reality, however, is that Israel had already violated the cease-fire at least 7 times, the Israeli military killing 2 Palestinian civilians and injuring at least 5, at least one of them a child:

* Israeli forces killed a Palestinian farmer in Khuza'a east of Khan Yunis on Jan 18
* Israeli forces killed a Palestinian farmer east of Jabalia on Jan 19
* Israeli naval gunboats shelled the Gaza coast line, causing damage to civilian structures on Jan 21
* Israeli troops shot and injured a child east of Gaza City on Jan 22
* Israeli gunboat fire injured 4-7 Palestinian fishermen on Jan 22
* Israeli shelling set a Palestinian house on fire on Jan 22
* Israeli tanks fired on the border town of Al Faraheen, causing damage to homes and farms on Jan 24
This list does not include two Palestinian children who were killed on January 20th by unexploded ordnance left from Israel's 22-day assault on Gaza." by Haitham Sabbah,"Israel Violated Cease-fire 7 Times, No Media Reports," Jan 28th, 2009. "Slide"

But, what I find worse is the truths that they are speaking, evidently with no sense of shame(reminds one of Bush and Cheney). They sound entirely too much like the Nazis for comfort. They are intentionally and openly blocking and destroying all attempts to give humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. They are telling them to go to the center of town for their own safety, then bombing the shit out of the area, leaving many dead and wounded. They are refusing to let medical supplies through to the hospitals that have little or no supplies left to deal with the mounting severe casualties. They have bulldozed their water towers leaving them without water in a desert. They have hemmed these people into a tiny area where they can barely move around and are then murdering them, routinely. Mothers are killed in front of their children, deliberately. Children die in their parents arms. The screams and tears and pain are endless, and still the Israelis push on, increasing the death toll with every passing moment.

Don't believe me? Well, here is a video you might find interesting, if you can bare to watch it.

Gaza 2009: We will never forget

This is an atrocity and a war crime to match any that every came out of Germany.
Shame on you, Israel, shame on you.

Groundhogs Day and Imbolc or Brigid's Day

You Call It Groundhog Day, We Call It Imbolc by Peg Aloi

excerp:The transition of Candlemas and other ancient celebrations to Groundhog Day dates back to the time of the Roman conquest of Northern Europe: the Christian celebration of Candlemas was associated with songs like this one:

If Candlemas be fair and bright
Come, winter, have another flight
If Candlemas brings clouds and rain,
Go, winter, and come not again.

This practice of divining the weather on this day spread to Germany, and was brought to this country by some of its first German settlers, also known as Pennsylvania Dutch: hence the location of the most famous groundhog. Also, the groundhog (also known affectionately as a woodchuck) was not the original prototypical weather-divining creature: in Europe it was a hedgehog. But early American settlers were nothing if not adaptable, and so the local creature most closely resembling a hedgehog was chosen for this ritual.

Worth the read if you are a curious person. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Once again it is that wonderful season of baby seal bashing of which Canadians are so proud (not and not). What a horror. I suspect most folks from outside Canada visualize blood and squealing, dying seals when the name "Canada" is mentioned. How lovely that my northern cousin brings to mind such sweet images. And, there is the sound. Heartbreaking. Will Canada's government, I suspect closely related to our own kind-hearted Gov Palin, start putting out mag and tv ads on seal bashing so tourists could be enticed to come join in the fun? Would not put it past them. sigh.

Please follow the link below to send Canada a message. Sign the "boycott Canadian seafood" pledge until Canada halts its grotesque and inhumane savaging of the seals at last.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama,Obama,I love you, I do...

Well, it is yet the honeymoon. Still, it has been an impressive "first days". Probably a bit of "first daze" to our new Pres. At least, this time I can call him my President. And, I can say his name without wincing. Oh. joy! He can speak English, throw long sentences and thoughts together without scripts, is literate, and likes to listen to this country's many and varied voices. I must have died and gone to heaven. Perhaps, it is just the comparison with what/who went before? Whatever, I am sooo happy he is here and representing us. Yes, I would have preferred Kucinich; but, I notice that Obama has called on him and I find that encouraging.

My biggest worry is that President Obama is too good. Every time we get what looks to be a good President, he is murdered, or suffers an "accident," is dumped on by the evil RepubliCons and discredited,forced to leave office, or some such. Please guard him well, my Goddess, as he is our best chance for the Earth and All Her Children to survive. And, we may not get another one.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

STOP Sending Helpless German Shepherd Dogs to Fight Taliban

In the news (from a Care2 petition)

The United Kingdom is all set to airdrop German shepherd dogs to take on the well armed Taliban and the al-Qaeda insurgents in Afghanistan. These German Shepherds would jump from an aircraft at 25,000 feet after being parachuted in hostile terrain and would lead the assault in SAS (Special Air Service) raids to seek out Taliban and al-Qaeda insurgents. With tiny cameras fixed to their heads, these magnificent canines, by putting their own life in danger, would beam live TV pictures back to the troops, warning of ambushes and showing enemy leaders locations. In fact, The SAS source admits that "The dogs will be exposed to very high levels of danger on these operations."

I am sorry but I find this unacceptable. It is bad enough that we humans are so stupid we have to keep doing this war thing, killing our own kind, age after age; to make these magnificent animals join the combat, to be injured, maimed, and killed for absolutely no reason if any note to them is disgusting and should not happen. War should not happen, but, at least, humans should keep it to their own.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It seems there is no end to the amount of tears that can be shed for the children, all the children of the world. Yes, the US is a killer of children big time; torture, maim, kill, burn the skin off with white phosphorous, we do it all, are still doing it all. But, today the news, except here in the States, of course, is on Gaza. The net is filled with stories, YouTubes, anger and tears. It is too much to bear. I feel myself wanting to turn to the tv (oops, forgot, I threw that out) or a good book to escape. I suppose that is what much of the western world is doing...just to keep from screaming. To feel so helpless in the sight of these tragedies, to know that under the skin, we are all one and the same being, coming from the same ancient place makes it all the worse. We should not need to do this. But, we do. Mostly, it is the greedy bullies who start it and keep it going; but, we help. Everytime we turn away, we help.

Here is another YouTube offering to make you (me) think:

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hiatus Over

Took a rather large amount of time off from blogging to see if I could reclaim some energy and reason to blog. With so many bloggers, there is really little that I can say that isn't said over, and over, and over again all over the net.

That has not changed. However, I have, at least some. Going to blog for myself; and, anyone who wants to read is welcome to so do. There is a great deal that has happened since Spring. Seasons have changed, and, maybe, politics as well. The election was happily a Dem victory promising hope for change, just about anywhere you look. I would have preferred Kucinich, my main man, but, Obama will do, as long as he keeps his promises AND is flexible enough to do more than what he has promised in terms of the war.

I am certain that MoveOn, DemocracyNow, DemocraticUnderground, Center for American Progress, and all the other organizations to which I subscribe will act passionately to keep Obama and his appointees on the straight and narrow. Oh, and that darn, fool group called Congress, as well.

Here is a YouTube video by Michael Heart on the Gaza tragedy I shall put here for me to listen to (you may listen as well, if you like).