Friday, January 9, 2009

Hiatus Over

Took a rather large amount of time off from blogging to see if I could reclaim some energy and reason to blog. With so many bloggers, there is really little that I can say that isn't said over, and over, and over again all over the net.

That has not changed. However, I have, at least some. Going to blog for myself; and, anyone who wants to read is welcome to so do. There is a great deal that has happened since Spring. Seasons have changed, and, maybe, politics as well. The election was happily a Dem victory promising hope for change, just about anywhere you look. I would have preferred Kucinich, my main man, but, Obama will do, as long as he keeps his promises AND is flexible enough to do more than what he has promised in terms of the war.

I am certain that MoveOn, DemocracyNow, DemocraticUnderground, Center for American Progress, and all the other organizations to which I subscribe will act passionately to keep Obama and his appointees on the straight and narrow. Oh, and that darn, fool group called Congress, as well.

Here is a YouTube video by Michael Heart on the Gaza tragedy I shall put here for me to listen to (you may listen as well, if you like).

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