Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama,Obama,I love you, I do...

Well, it is yet the honeymoon. Still, it has been an impressive "first days". Probably a bit of "first daze" to our new Pres. At least, this time I can call him my President. And, I can say his name without wincing. Oh. joy! He can speak English, throw long sentences and thoughts together without scripts, is literate, and likes to listen to this country's many and varied voices. I must have died and gone to heaven. Perhaps, it is just the comparison with what/who went before? Whatever, I am sooo happy he is here and representing us. Yes, I would have preferred Kucinich; but, I notice that Obama has called on him and I find that encouraging.

My biggest worry is that President Obama is too good. Every time we get what looks to be a good President, he is murdered, or suffers an "accident," is dumped on by the evil RepubliCons and discredited,forced to leave office, or some such. Please guard him well, my Goddess, as he is our best chance for the Earth and All Her Children to survive. And, we may not get another one.

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