Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Earth Hour Approaches

Made the pledge yet?
I have. No lights (or anything using electricity) for 1 hour, 8PM to 9PM, March 29.
Go to EarthHour to sign up. No money required.
No lights on the 29th.
Candles are lovely.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wolf at my door

This is an email I sent to Sisters and Friends yesterday:

Many wonderful creatures live in my neighborhood, mostly unseen except for those moments when our lives connect. The bears in the road, the birds in the garden, the squirrel babies that fell from their nest(one died, the other I raised then let free), the Mama Moose and her babe running through my backyard, the fox stealing my chickens, and so on. But, yesterday's gift was the best yet...a wolf, eating my compost not 20 feet from me. She/he was beautiful. Small, delicate, and graceful. So alert, wary, hungry. My cat in my arms growling and fighting to be let free, I watched for 30 minutes or so until the food was gone and this gorgeous animal went on with its day. I love where I live.
The thought that there are humans who delight in slaughtering these wonderful animals, often from a helicopter or small plane so there is no danger to themselves, I find inconceivable as well as horrendous.

We must continue to fight for the lives of these creatures and all Mother's children.

In Light and Love,

This photo is not one I took and was taken from the 'net. If copyright protected, please let me know as the site did not give such info. I included the pic as it is one of the closest I could find to the animal I saw. They are almost identical. Hope to have my camera with me should such a delight occur again.
Wolves are supposed to not exist in Maine, having been wiped out decades ago by man.
However, there have been many sitings as well as true findings substantiated by DNA testing in recent years. It is believed that there was much interbreeding between the wolves and coyotes some 80 years ago and that many of the animals now seen contain mixed blood. Whatever. The animal I saw was magnificent,and, like all Mother's children, worthy of our loving protection. For the sake of the animal, the environment, and the delicate balance to which we look for survival.