Thursday, November 22, 2007


What the hell does BushCo think he is doing? Threatening Iran when we cannot even manage Iraq and our military forces are stretched to the breaking point, as is our economy, is bad enough. But, now, threatening Russia (with an anti-missile shield on its borders) to the point that Putin Warns NATO Against Border Buildup while NATO criticized the US decision as "regrettable."

This cannot go on. Putin is as much of a bully as BushCo and is pushing hard to make Russia a super-power again. With BushCo starting wars whenever it feels like it, for purely greedy reasons (power, oil, wealth, dominion), wherever it feels like it, this could all escalate way too fast and hard. Can you say "cold war" or maybe "radiatingly hot war?" That is all this planet needs to finish it off, once and for all. These little power kings are as crazy as loons. They must be removed from power right now, before it is too late. Ever seen "On the Beach?"

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Sigh.

Addendum: Just noticed that Digby has some words on this subject area. Always a good read and thought-provoker, Digby.

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