Thursday, July 12, 2007


From Mark Crispin Miller who I heard on Tom Hartmann's Air America, voter caging is still happening and a bad bill, HR 811, must be stopped for the DEMS to maintain their hold on the Legislature and to have a hope to place a DEM in the Presidency in 2008. There is a ton of information at his site in a number of articles as well as a "kit" to "just-say-NO-to-HR-811.

Here is a snippet:

"Unless this point in the legislation has been changed, the bill [as marked up in committee] now stipulates that the e-voting software be available only to 'qualified' individuals, who must sign strict non-disclosure agreements."

(This was an extraordinary change, because the early version of the bill had ordered that such software must be readily available to everyone. See my vlog on this at

And here is Mulder's staggering reply:

"That's not what the bill said when introduced. Therefore, you can take up your concerns with Microsoft and others in the proprietary software industry. During Committee proceedings they lobbied very heavily against the language that was in the bill as introduced and none of you lobbied in favor of the language that was in the bill as introduced, and thus, the software industry won. It's very simple, really."

And,... just so happens that a company called Avante International appears to be headquartered in Holt's district, and that Avante is positioned to make money
if Holt's bill should pass and the machines should all be fitted out with "paper

Get the kit and JUST SAY NO TO HR 811.

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