Monday, July 23, 2007

Three Members of Congress!

That is all they need to start impeachment hearings says Representative John Conyers.
We are so close.
Included in an e-mail today from THE PEN:

...the good news is that the mounting public pressure is having an effect and John Conyers confided that if three more members of Congress sign on to the call for impeachment he will initiate proceedings.

At this point, we really need to push the effort to reach any undecideds. We are so close to making a move to discredit and remove these thugs from office. I, for one, believe that the move must be made, whether it is successful or not. The alternative is accepting things as they are, including the desecration of our Constitution and republic plus another year of horrendous control and destruction by the current administration. Who knows what horror that may bring, and I do mean horror.

Make the calls, send the e-mails and faxes, now, while we may.

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