Thursday, July 5, 2007

Gore's Take On The Libby Commutation

Gore spoke on NBC's Today show and was almost, seemingly, simultaneously joined in thought by Thom Hartmann on Air America Radio; both indicated the belief that the Libby commutation of sentence was very curious in that Libby knows all the dirty facts about Bush and Cheney's involvement in the Plame case and had suddenly given up all attempt at defending himself last February, starting smiling all the time (this from Thom), and apparently took the rap without saying boo. It seems suspicious. When Bush set Libby free from the jail sentence but did not give him full pardon (yet), was it further obstruction of justice? This would, I believe, be a felony and further reason to impeach Bush (and Cheney). It is important that Congress not let this go. They must investigate, it is their duty to investigate. Wexler's censure measure will not be enough. This must be investigated in depth.

Watch the video and read about Gore's statement on Think Progress.

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