Thursday, July 19, 2007

Looks Like Valerie & Joe have been shut down... a Bush appointed judge who dismissed their civil suit. Sorry, guys. There is no justice left in this country, I am afraid, and will not be any until this administration is impeached, all of them, gone.

Here is a great BuzzFlash link on it with a few extra points of interest on this crappy, shithead of a judge:

Valerie Plame's lawsuit dismissed

So, we can do nothing in the courts. The President can make laws without Congress having anything to do with it. The President can arrest, hold without reason or defense counsel or notice for an indefinite amount of time anyone, can assume all property and holdings of anyone who gets in his way, and their friends, there are concentration camps being prepared on American soil, and most of this country continues to watch tv and look the other way. Is it time to leave yet?

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