Monday, August 6, 2007

Thank You, Congressman Michaud

I am proud to say that my Congressman did the right thing and voted "no" on the "FISA bill." As to the other 41 Democrats who voted "yea" and the 9 Dems who did not vote at all, I say "a pox on your houses!" Shame on you! At a time when this administration has accrued too many powers, some illegal, all anti-democratic, to vote to give that little worm Gonzo and his evil bosses, Chainer and Chimp, yet more power is simply obscene. We really need to clean house.

And, why the hell did we not even know about this vote in advance? We could have, perhaps, done something to change the outcome, made phone calls, sent e-mails, essentially harried the Dems who were planning to vote yea or abstain from voting. Where was our warning signal, our wake-up call?

If you want to colour code my fear of an administrative coup (which actually has already happened, quietly), colour it red. We are in deep doodoo, fellow Americans.
And, now, we may lose California to a reorganization of representation, giving them a Republican majority to win the 2008 election?

Is it time to move, yet?
(Oh, forgot, cannot get a passport without a year-long wait, now...closing the borders?)

My thank you letter to Congressman Michaud:
Thank you very much for voting against the "FISA bill. It disturbs me greatly that this vote came without warning and that so many Democrats supported it when AG Gonzales and the White House have amply demonstrated that they rate impeachment, not extended powers. Thank you for your sanity and your loyalty to the Constitution and the citizens of this United States of America.

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