Saturday, February 9, 2008

Re the Torture "Experiment"

Found an excellent article/argument on torture and the lovely kids who espouse its use on today. Written by Caroline Arnold and labeled "The Ticking Time Bomb Thought-Experiment," it is well worth a thorough read. I dearly love that Attorney General Mukasey is included in the experiment.

One of my favorite paragraphs goes as follows:
We need to ask ourselves why so many of us indulge in these brutal thought-experiments and engage with their underlying illogic, counterproductiveness and inhumanity. We need to understand how human weakness for bullying, hurting, power, revenge, and anger can be so easily exploited for power, profit and pleasure.

As anyone with half a brain surely realizes, waterboarding does not simulate drowning, it is drowning. Your lungs fill with water. That is drowning. I have posted, previously, a detailed article on what actually happens in waterboarding, which is a dying process, stopped just short of death when it works, or, not. Sometimes the victim has to be resuscitated. Sometimes, more than once. It is extremely painful, and, I, for one, would say anything to avoid or stop the process were it directed at me. What would you do? Hum?

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